Population Uno [prod. LeMieuX]

by André DeSaint

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first release from DeSaint's next solo effort.


[Verse 1]

I like them wearing sundresses and some dirty Vans
Asked me ‘can we make it happen?’ I’m like ‘sure we can’
Only get to live once, can't afford a plan
I got clean money flowing through my dirty hands
All these broke bitches telling me there's more life
Can't a nigga tell me who I’m kinda sorta like
I tune out when they tell me who's next
Roll the dice hope you’re placing new bets
She like ‘Dré Day, all you do is flex’
Probably cause I’m somewhere not responding to her text
No shit, wait hold it
If it ain't about the uh, keep scrolling
If it's about the bigger picture then I'm posing
Wait I’m about to have a moment let them hoes in
It's a go it's a go that's the green light
I ain't got nothing to lose but she might


I’ve been chilling in my own world lately
Population uno
Aiming for the diamonds and the pearls baby
Making sure that you know
Nah I ain't never with the act
‘Bout to make a run I ain't never looking back
Always gonna be more to it than you see
Trust me young nigga this ain't who you wanna be

[Verse 2]

Prayer hands up on some villain shit
I don't think they really know who they dealing with
Back in ’09 we was killing shit
It's 2015 and you still a bitch
I ain't never popped a Xan
Bitch I got too many plans
All you niggas sound like me right before I was the man
Just collecting all these fees for a loft in Japan
And you know I’m well connected got your broad spending bands



released June 6, 2015
produced + mixed by LeMieuX



all rights reserved


André DeSaint Florida

André DeSaint is a recording artist from South FL, operating as part of the PayUp! Game collective.

Contact/Booking: payupgame@gmail.com

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