Drifting 2​.​0 [prod. GoldSoul]

by André DeSaint

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Go young nigga go
If they don't believe in you
Then show all them niggas show them
That you don't need the confirmation
No validation
When I wake up
My mind is racing
Ain’t got no patience

[Verse 1]

I gotta do this for myself
Fuck what they’ve been saying
Prayer hands in all my photos
But I ain't been praying
They sit around and talk about if we gon’ win or not
Just pass it to me I’ma take it to the rim a lot
I been killing shit since back when Sim Simma dropped
Drop and album 1st quarter got the winter hot
Hot boy young Juvie even younger Turk
I told her you should quit your job and come and get this work


If I told you that I fuck with you I meant it
I see a lot of me in you where’s my percentage?
Look I get it, yeah I get it
But who the fuck gon’ tell me not to be offended?
It’s okay cause I still fuck with y’all
It’s alright cause I still fuck with y’all
I’m in my zone don’t give a fuck at all
But it’s okay ‘cause I still fuck with y’all

[Verse 2]

Looking for a role model bitch I’m not one
Run a ten mile dash with a popped lung
Bright lights if you wonder what my life’s like
And my words hit hard like I typewrite
Easy going you can miss me with designer shit
Im in your city just bring me a Stella and your finest bitch
Put some real shit up on the table I’m behind it quick
Put my name in any rap be careful what you rhyme it with
And we on that Florida shit
DeSaint I’m a Lord in this bitch
She open up wide got on the floor and shit
And I’m finna tour in this bitch
You riding my wave I chill on the shore and shit
Ain’t nothing important as this
Cause all of these niggas be talking and talking
But ain’t saying nothing according to this



released March 7, 2015



all rights reserved


André DeSaint Florida

André DeSaint is a recording artist from South FL, operating as part of the PayUp! Game collective.

Contact/Booking: payupgame@gmail.com

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